We want Type One Runners to connect in the easiest way possible, on their own terms

We want Type One Runners to connect in the easiest way possible, on their own terms

In April 2019, based on our own observations, conversations with Chapter Leaders, and data we collected from our Facebook groups, we realized that many Type One Run community members were finding the Chapter organization limiting and weren’t connecting to runners outside of their chapter. We’re making some changes to the way the community is organized to make sure that Type One Run continues to live up to its motto: “leave no ones behind”. 

To better serve the Type One Run community, we will be slowly phasing out “chapters” and focusing on connecting people locally via email and globally through one Facebook group. We identified an opportunity to change the way we operate in order to make it much easier for people to connect organically and on their own terms.

Below you can find the new streamlined ways to connect as well as our plans for the future. Read our letter explaining the changes and our reasoning behind them below that.

James & Craig
Type One Run Co-Founders


connecting locally

  1. Find other Type One Runners near you by adding yourself to our map. We will introduce you by e-mail to people in your local area.

  2. Stay in touch however you want: make a Facebook group, start an email thread, create a WhatsApp group, organize a shared calendar, make an Instagram account, or just text each other. You’re in charge.

  3. Meet up, take some pictures, and tag Type One Run.

connecting globally

  1. Join the Type One Run Community Facebook group.

  2. Post pictures, ask questions, organize runs, and make friends.

official Type One run 5k races

We plan to have one official 5K in Los Angeles every Spring and another race somewhere else in the world every Autumn. How will we pay for it? A mix of sponsorships, donations, and minimal registration fees.

Of course we will also continue to have community-lead teams join existing marathons, 5Ks, relays, etc with no fees or required fundraising to participate.



announcement letter, april 2019

Hi Type One Run Community,

Our last year has been an exciting one for Type One Run. Since joining Beyond Type 1 in January 2018, we’ve grown from 24 chapters to over 140 chapters around the world, on every continent except Antarctica. We’ve had teams at the Abbott Dash to the Finish Line 5K in NYC, the Wildflower Triathlon, Ragnar Relays, and many more races, and we even hosted our very own chip-timed 5K race in Los Angeles earlier this month with over 180 runners.

Through all of this growth, our goal has always remained the same: to connect, support, and advocate for all people living (and running) with type 1 diabetes.

While we’ve been reaching more runners than ever before, as chapter after chapter has popped up around the world, we found that we were actually getting more and more separated. By segmenting Type One Run members into chapters, individuals around the globe aren’t able to see what the greater Type One Run community is up to—even other runners living just an hour away.

The chapter model misses opportunities to better connect the global Type One Run community and raised concerns that ones were being left behind. 

At the same time, we’ve seen exciting growth and connection in Type One Run’s “Running on Insulin” Facebook group. Everyday, runners from around the world share pictures from their runs, ask questions, create events, and meet new people. The question was how to replicate that success for everyone. And our solution is simple: phase out chapters and focus on connecting people locally via email and connecting people globally through one community Facebook group.

What if you have a strong local group and you want to stay together? You can. We want you to. But that should be your call, not ours. You can keep your current Facebook group, start an email thread, create a WhatsApp group, organize a shared calendar, make an Instagram account, or just text your friends. Use what works for your group. A Type One Run for the people and by the people. Want to find runners close to you? Just add yourself to the Type One Run map and we’ll connect you through email. It doesn’t get any simpler than that.

For simplicity, we’re renaming the “Running on Insulin” Facebook group to “Type One Run Community.” There we can all interact with each other: if you have a question, the whole TOR world will see it; if you want to put together a relay team, the whole world can join you; if you want to meet new T1D runners, you can do it with the whole world.

With local groups’ runners organizing organically and with the global community connecting online in one place, we can focus our time on finding new ways for the Type One Run community to come together, like our own events or meeting up for other races.

This is a big change for Type One Run but one that we’re confident will bring us all together even more. We’re honored that you’ve been on this journey with us so far and we’re excited for what the future will bring. For more details, visit: As always, if you have any questions, feel free to reach out.

Happy running.

James & Craig
Type One Run Co-Founders