start a chapter

Ready to meet some other T1D runners, but disappointed there isn't a group near you? We encourage you to create your own!

It might seem like a challenge at first but we can attest that it is extremely rewarding to build a new community and to meet other diabetics facing the same challenges as you.

As a grassroots movement, the onus to create and lead local runs will be on you. However, this also means that you can commit as much or as little as you would like, and you can have full control over how you want to run your chapter. Ultimately you can get out as much as you would like to put in.

Each chapter can have more than one leader, and in fact we encourage it! It makes life much easier. If there is already a chapter near you but you would like to help organize, please let us know!

ok, now what?

1 contact us

CONTACT US! Let us know you want to get involved. This way we can get the ball rolling setting up and promoting your chapter to the world. We might know other T1D runners in your area already, or have ideas about how to find them.

2 send a photo and bio
example bio pic

Send us a photo (of you or your fave run) and a few words about diabetes and/or running and about how you are starting up a new group.

By posting this to social media, we can let people know a bit about who you are and encourage people from your area to join you!

It's a good way to get the word out and familiarize people with you, so they can see how nice and awesome you are. Hopefully the temptation to run with you will be too hard to resist.

3 connect

We use facebook to post photos, advertise runs as facebook events, share them, and collect RSVPs.

Each chapter has their very own facebook group within the Type One Run page. We'll make you the admin of your group, and you can add your events here, post photos, and keep track of the runners in your chapter.

The events you post in your group will also show up on the main Type One Run page, and we'll share them around to try to find interested participants.

what else?

We're entirely volunteer run. From time-to-time we will send you free stuff to help your group get going. Shirts, stickers, flyers, pins, patches, magnets and other swag are some of the things we use to help build camaraderie and encourage one another. <3

We recommend that you reach out to your local diabetes organizations (JDRF, ADA, Connected In Motion, etc) and spread the word that you are looking for runners. We have had a lot of success this way.

Tell your endocrinologist what you are doing. Encourage them to help find others interested in running together. Leave flyers at their office if possible.

Our recipe for success has been a combination of regular casual group fun runs (brunch afterwards an optional bonus), with "key" events (5K, 10K, relay, marathon, etc) every once in a while to bring people together with a slightly more serious focus as well.

Consistency is key! Don't be discouraged if not a lot of people respond or show up at first. Keep up the regular runs, don't get disheartened. Build it and they will come.

Last but most important, have fun! Keep in touch with us, let us know how you're doing, and have a great time.


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