couch to 5k program

Complete your first 5K with our group and free training plan! A collaboration between Type One Run, the legendary Cliff Scherb from TriStar Athletes, and T1D health coach Lauren Bongiorno.

cliff scherb from TriStar Athletes gives an overview of the program

strength workout - lower body 

strength workout - upper body

strength workout videos coming soon!

strength workout videos coming soon!

strength workout videos coming soon!

about your trainers

cliff scherb
Cliff is a thought leader in the area of type 1 diabetes, exercise insulin management, training performance, and weight loss. Cliff is the founder and principal coach of and Cliff consults via the web, balancing busy athletes blood sugars with his decision support system and creating training plans towards greater fitness and control.

lauren bongiorno
Former division 1 college athlete turned yogi, Lauren Bongiorno is a Diabetic Health Coach, Yoga Instructor, published author, and wellness speaker. With the commitment to a holistic approach to health, Lauren educates, supports, and guides type 1 diabetics all around the globe in taking control of their diabetes by developing healthful habits and mindsets for the mind, body, and soul. Visit her at